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Sleep and sports performance

Sports performance is mainly based on physical training, but other factors such as physical recovery, psychological preparation, nutrition and sleep are also important.

Adequate sleep plays an important role in athletic performance, physical, physiological and metabolic recovery, as well as cognitive and mood.

In general, sports disciplines entail a degradation of rest due to sleep deprivation, poor sleep quality and deterioration of circadian rhythms.

The lack of rest conditions an added wear and tear that will affect recovery, emotional state, and athletic performance throughout the race.

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Managing the sleep of athletes and their teams is crucial and differential to achieve maximum performance and maintain sufficient rest during the sports stage.

The Clinic provides services to athletes by means of:

Actimetry studies

– Attention to sleep dysfunctions

– Pre- and post-competition sleep management

– Sleep schedule management according to chronotype

– Jetlag international competitions

– Training/conferences with teams/staff

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