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Estivill Sleep Foundation
With the aim of promoting the prevention and treatment of sleep disorders, the foundation is dedicated to research and dissemination on the importance of sleep for health and well-being.

The Estivill Sleep Foundation is a non-profit organization. It was founded in 2013 by Dr. Eduard Estivill, European specialist in sleep medicine, director of the Estivill Sleep Clinic since 1989; and is currently directed by Dr. Carla Estivill, PhD Scientific Manager.

With the aim of promoting the prevention and treatment of sleep disorders, the foundation is dedicated to research and dissemination on the importance of sleep for health and well-being, and to offering resources and tools to improve the quality of people’s sleep.

Its activities include lectures and conferences, the publication of articles and books on sleep, and the promotion of scientific research in this field.

The Estivill Sleep Foundation believes that researching and disseminating scientific knowledge about sleep is essential. Therefore, it promotes initiatives to raise awareness of the importance of sleep, advances in its diagnosis and appropriate treatments for specific sleep-related pathologies.

R&D Projects
Several units of the Sleep Clinic are not enough when you are still driven by passion and believe that what you do contributes to the well-being of people.

The Foundation has carried out relevant work. Among its projects is the idea behind a formulation with melatonin and natural substances to help insomniac patients sleep. Thanks to the collaboration of the pharmaceutical company Uriach, which trusted us and supported our proposal, a product was marketed, Aquilea Sueño, which currently enjoys great succes.

The research carried out by the Foundation would not have been so promising if we had not had the magnificent help of Dr. Juan Antonio Madrid, a professor at the University of Murcia and PhD in Physiology, and a world-renowned specialist in chronobiology, along with his team.

Image of Aquilea Sueño natural tablets
Professor Dr. Juan Antonio Madrid discussing work on circadian rhythms<br />
with Dr. Carla Estivill.
2017. Dr. Carla Estivill presenting a study on a case of absence of sleep rhythm in an adolescent at the Annual Meeting of the Spanish Sleep Society.

The tandem arrangement by Dr. Beatriz Rodríguez, from Juan Antonio Madrid’s team, and Dra. Carla Estivill, allow them to share studies of circadian rhythms, and enhance the scientific knowledge between both entities.

The most striking case in this regard is the study we conducted on an adolescent with a total lack of sleep cydes. Thanks to the studies carried out at the Estivill Foundation with the sensors of Juan Antonio Madrid, we were able to normalize the life of this young patient.

With the use of chronobiology sensors, created by Dr. Madrid’s team, we can investigate very interesting and novel topics such as the sleep of athletes in extreme situations.

Another highlight is the work done for the Barcelona World Race, the round-the-world race in a sailboat with only two crew members, who cannot sleep continuously. They sleep with a polyphasic sleep. It was a pioneering study in the world, using chronobiology sensors and the chronotype of each of the sailors to indicate the right times to sleep.

Sleep in other extreme sports has also been studied. Sleep during the Dakar race, the ascent of Everest, in extreme mountain races, an elite team of female basketball players is just some of the work we have developed within the framework of the Foundation.

The most recent is the study of sleep was in a tennis school where a chronic sleep deprivation suffered by the vast majority of young people was noted. All this work has generated publications and conferences in multiple journals and medical congresses.

Dr Estivill on board in Barcelona World Race in a polyphasic sleep study

Disseminating scientific knowledge about sleep and its impact on people’s lives is a must for us.

To achieve this, we employ two main approaches: regular publication of publicly accessible information and active participation in lectures and conferences where they share their expertise in the field of sleep.


“Natural Sleep” is a key project of the Foundation that focuses on publications related to obtaining restful sleep in a natural way, dispensing with medication. It includes recommendations for good sleep, natural products that improve rest, and guides on the use of melatonin aimed at both health professionals and users.

>> Download Dormir Natural in pdf

Discover the secrets for a restful and natural sleep! Explore our publications on the Foundation’s website:

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large room conference


The main priorities of the Foundation, through its members, gives lectures with the purpose of sharing scientific knowledge with the population, highlighting the importance of sleep and addressing all the factors that influence it.

Learn about the work done in some of the conferences given by the Estivill Sleep Foundation!

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Scientific advice
The Estivill Sleep Foundation also has a scientific advisory role for the development of products and services in several companies.

The Foundation brings great prestige to the Sleep Clinic and the work of its director, Dr. Carla Estivill, determines and reinforces the recognition of our work in the scientific world.

Go to the Estivill Sleep Foundation website to see research projects and current news.


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