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Learned insomnia
(children 5 and up)

Sleep pathology in children


It is the natural evolution of Childhood Insomnia due to Incorrect Habits (IHI). Due to a persistence of deterioration in poor sleep habit. They have difficulty falling asleep on their own and multiple nighttime awakenings. It is called Learned Insomnia and is seen in 14% of children.


They ask their parents for help to fall asleep, want to sleep with them, or come to their parents’ bed when they wake up in the middle of the night. They refer to fears, not being sleepy, etc. They refuse to go to sleep at other children’s homes, they do not want to go to summer camps or camps, and going to bed is not a pleasant situation for them.

Poor sleep has repercussions during children’s daytime life. More tired, altered intellectual performance, irritability and in some cases teachers notice that the child falls asleep at school.


Altered behaviors are usually also found in the behavior of the parents in relation to the problem.


Treatment should be carried out jointly with the child and parents. Our Pedagogy team is in charge of this task. Sleep tests are not necessary. A first visit and a follow-up visit is usually enough for the child, and the parents, to sleep normally within 15 days.