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Childhood insomnia due to incorrect habits
Sleep pathology in children


It affects 20-30% of the child population, from 6 months to 5 years of age. It is characterized by difficulty falling asleep autonomously and/or frequent nocturnal awakenings during the night with inability to fall back to sleep without external help.


The diurnal consequences are irritability, moodiness, abnormal behavior and in severe cases may cause stagnation in the child’s development (shorter height, due to altered secretion of growth hormone).

In the family it creates a serious distortion. Parents feel guilty, family coexistence deteriorates and in many cases they do not want to have more children.


The cause is bad routines related to sleep habits (once all medical causes have been ruled out).

Diagnosis and treatment

During a one-hour visit, the cause of the problem is explained to the parents and the behaviors to be followed in order to solve this situation are provided. If parents execute these prescribed rules well, in less than a week the problem will be solved. There are no negative consequences in children.
Sleep tests are not required.

These guidelines are those recommended by the American Academy of Sleep and the American Pediatric Society.

We recommend not to follow the opinions expressed in social networks. Always consult your pediatrician.


The treatment recommended by the American Sleep Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics is behavioral interventions.