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The Estivill Sleep Clinic
A pioneering institution

Throughout our history we have been pioneers, we have innovated, we have trained, we have consolidated and contributed our knowledge to science and, most importantly, we have helped people to sleep better.

All this recognition comes from the tireless work of Dr. Eduard Estivill, who has been promoting this exciting project for more than 35 years, helping people to have a better quality of sleep.

Today we can proudly say that we are the Sleep Clinic where we can treat all pathologies, such as cases of insomnia difficult to control, snoring and apnea problems, parasomnias and especially cases of childhood insomnia among other sleep pathologies.

Our 3 pillars
Personal assistance, research and outreach

Personal assistance
Communication with the patient, explaining the symptoms and possible diagnoses in a clear and close way, resolving any doubts the patient may have. This way of conceiving medicine has given us credibility and is our distinguishing feature and our identity.


Clinica del sueño estivill personal assistance for the treatment of insomnia, snoring or apnea.
Our interest to know more has made us very active in the field of scientific research from our beginnings, by participating in clinical trials, innovative medical and natural treatments and conducting scientific studies. We have published our work in more than 200 scientific articles, 300 posters, and a multitude of presentations at conferences.
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Scientific dissemination is very important to spread medical knowledge about sleep. We attend conferences, congresses and educate the general public in the form of open conferences and respond to the demands of local and foreign media. In addition to this, we collaborate in courses, conferences and masters programs in various universities.
Dr. Estivill, founder of the Estivill clinic in a conference making scientific dissemination of new treatments for insomnia, apnea and snoring.