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El Sueño is a repair shop that brings us well-being during the day.

Sleeping well and the hours we need is necessary to maintain a good emotional balance and an adequate state of alertness, which is essential to be efficient at work or in our studies, make better decisions, and maintain a positive attitude.

However, we know that sleep deprivation and insomnia exist in a very high percentage of society (30%), even higher in sectors with non-standard working hours (60%) (doctors, nurses, policemen, firemen, factories with shifts,…).

This is due to the social environment, increasingly enslaved by productivity, hyperconnectivity, and the stress that all this causes.

sanitary in operating room
local police on night shift

Lack of adequate rest has consequences in the work environment, with fatigue, lack of concentration, increased errors, and decreased productivity.


From the Estivill Sleep Clinic we offer the following services:

  • Advice to companies and groups to improve, develop or disseminate issues related to sleep and its disorders.
  • Counseling for night or shift workers
  • Training conferences for company personnel.