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Actimetric / chronobiological studies
Diagnostic tests for the treatment of sleep disorders

They are a useful tool for assessing a person’s circadian rhythms and detecting problems such as phase delay. The information obtained from these studies can be valuable in improving the quality of sleep and overall well-being of the individual.

We use monitoring equipment to evaluate activity-rest rhythms and circadian habits. The equipment consists of an actometer that records acceleration or position, a temperature sensor that measures peripheral temperature every 10 minutes for a week, and a record of the amount of light the subject receives and the ambient temperature.

From the records and the calculation of the indexes, the CFI, Circadian Functioning Index, is obtained; the higher the index, the better the circadian rhythm. The sleep center is also obtained, which allows us to know if the sleep is of good quality. This index is especially important for detecting phase delay. In addition, the duration of the circadian rhythm is calculated.

image device for chronobiological actimetry studies

Diagnostic tests

Overnight sleep study (Polysomnography)

Multiple latency test (MSLT)

Suggested Immobilization Test (SIT) and Forced Immobilization Test (FIT)

Actimetry Studies (Chronobiological)

Test of maintenance of wakefulness (TMV)

Electroencephalogram (EEG) with sleep deprivation

Tests, scales and questionnaires