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The Tokei method
By Eduard Estivill and Carla Estivill

On the 25th anniversary of the revolutionary Estivill method, which continues to help thousands of children to sleep, Dr. Eduard Estivill presents, accompanied by his daughter, Dr. Carla Estivill, El método Tokei (Penguin Random House Mondadori, translated into Italian and Arabic).

Based on the chronobiologythe science that studies how our lives are affected by time, The Tokei methodis a training to learn to listen to our body and reconnect with its rhythms.

Thousands of years ago, human beings were harmoniously connected to the natural cycles of life. This link with the rhythms of nature gave our ancestors health, energy and emotional well-being.

Today we also live in a time-sensitive world, but we have become disconnected from its original cadence and no longer pay attention to our internal clocks responsible for the appetite, sleep, energy or fatigue we feel throughout the day, which translates into cardiovascular problems, metabolic diseases such as diabetes or obesity, psychological disorders and, in the most serious cases, a higher incidence of certain types of cancer.

Dr. Eduard Estivill and Dra. Carla Estivill presents her book metodo tokei

“Tokei means clock in Japanese. We have chosen this word to explain that what we have to set the time is our internal clock and, like any other clock, we need to wind it up to make it work properly,” explains Dr. Estivill.