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Sleep and telework in Covid’s time

In the current health emergency scenario, society has been asked to prioritize teleworking in order to avoid travel and reduce social contacts, and thus avoid contagions. However, this paradigm shift may imply a profound change in such basic habits as sleep schedules, getting up and having breakfast at the same time every day, commuting to the workplace, being in the office, meeting people… All these habits are necessary to wind up our internal clocks, which in turn make our biological rhythms such as Sleep and Wakefulness work.

How does and will the implementation of teleworking affect our habits and our health and quality of sleep? This is what we will assess in the CIRCA PROJECT, through the Online Survey https://www.questionpro.com/t/ASiV3ZmqYq to which any teleworker (age: 25-55 years) is invited to participate (voluntarily and anonymously).

We would appreciate your participation in order to collect as much data as possible. Those interested may enter the selection process for the second part of the study, in which they will receive a Sleep Master Class and light therapy glasses.

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