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Sleep and sport

Sport is very necessary for a healthy life, it must be, first of all, something that we like, that we feel like, basically fun.

Although some people do it for aesthetic reasons, we always recommend that sport should be something fun, something that gives us pleasure.

For sleep it is essential to practice some exercise, but it is important to know at what time we have to practice it. Practicing sports leads to the secretion of brain substances called endorphins, these cause a feeling of well-being, alertness, desire to do things, good mood, so if we do it in the morning we will have an ideal day, but if we do it late at night it can interfere with sleep.

We know that the pace of life that we lead leads to do sports at night because they can not be done at another time, but the ideal is to always do it in the morning or midday and preferably never after 7 pm.