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Sleep study Spanish women’s national team Field Hockey

From the Estivill Sleep Foundation we continue to support athletes to sleep better and thus perform at their best. In the project we have started, we have a very important challenge with the women’s team of the Spanish national field hockey team, because during this time we are going to guide their dream until the final goal, which is the Tokyo Olympics2021.

The project includes three phases:

1- In the first part we must study whether each of the athletes sleeps well, rule out pathologies, and evaluate the quality of sleep, the hours they sleep and circadian rhythms.

2- Training and recommendations: all the team and technicians receive the maximum training and explanation of results. Doubts are solved, solutions are sought for each case, and the best habits are recommended.

3- Preparation for the Olympics: here the work is meticulous because we must manage and set the circadian rhythms during travel and also to plan the peak performance according to the competition schedules.

Getting a good night’s sleep during training periods, during preparation and recovery from competitions and even during rehabilitation periods after an injury is fundamental and supported by the new Consensus on Sleep in the Athlete.

The study will be aimed at assessing and advising on the following points

1. Quality of sleep in training and competition.
2. Actual hours of sleep. (Almost everyone sleeps less than they need).
3. To know the circadian rhythms to optimize their performance and design the training and match strategy.
4. Sleep preparation before competitive events
5. Sleep recovery after the game.
6. Recovery analysis of circadian rhythms after competitive events.
7. Recommendations to cancel the effects of jetlag, when traveling to international sporting events.

This new project is part of our research on sleep in elite athletes.

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