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Benefits of natural light

Today we talk about the benefits of natural light for our health.

The role of natural light in promoting a good night’s rest is vital, while we know the negative impact that a lack of daylight has on health.

We need plenty of light during the day and darkness at night to ensure quality sleep.

But do you know what the benefits of natural light are besides improving sleep?

Better circadian rhythm and rest. The beginning of the day was marked by the sun.

Better concentration at work, better cognitive performance and less effort in reading processes, since natural light increases visual capacity.

It acts as a natural antidepressant, promoting general well-being.

Increases productivity, reducing chronic fatigue.

Reduces irritability.

Better visual health

Contributes to the production of vitamin D, which protects against certain types of cancer. Vitamin D helps the assimilation of calcium; therefore, sunbathing in the early hours of the day contributes to the formation and good condition of the bones.

It is very effective for disinfecting and healing superficial wounds (ultraviolet radiation eliminates numerous microorganisms).

Improves blood circulation.

It lowers the level of glucose in the blood; it is, therefore, ideal for diabetics.

Reduces minor ailments.

It is advisable to reserve a few moments a day for exposure to sunlight.

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